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Fun golf with a golf buddy .More , the application of " Olympics" can enjoy .Game point system to compete at the time you turned on the green , whether sink putts from a distance .In the order of distance from the cup is far , point to get face-to-face when it is submerged in 1 pat will be higher .Number is different each by the name of gold , silver, copper, iron .This point system is really lively companions in the good friend .And then putting a desperately trying to score even a little high .
However , the most troublesome point calculation after the game .The exhausted by too much play desperately , confusing score calculation It is hate .Where it After the miscalculation , it will be cool .
Care of the point calculation is probably the trouble that everyone felt that anyone who has ever calculated .
Have you thought it was , and I wish I could point calculated by the app?I m certainly useful if there is a app that result comes out as soon as you enter .
App does the point calculation .It is the " Golf Olympics calculation " .How to use this app is really easy .It will be freed from this troublesome point calculation !
・Supports three-play game, four-play game game,
• The players name name input (initial name "No1, No2, No3, No4, No5, No6")
• Enter the score by pressing the "+" button or the "-" button. (Maximum score 99, Minimum score -99)
• Enter the rate by pressing the "+1" button or the "+10" button. (Maximum rate 100)
• It is calculated by pressing the "count" button.
• Score, Ascore will be erased by pressing the "Reset" button.
• Move to a preservation screen of Score when I push the "DIS" button.
• When I input a letter into ID and push the "SAVE" button, Score is stored. ※ I can store ID in the blanks.
• I can read Score which I stored when I push the "DIS" button.
• I input stored ID and am deleted when I push the "DEL" button. ※ When ID is the same (including the blank), I am deleted all.
・This application is a free copy with an advertisement.・It is for pay, and an advertisement is non-displayed.・It is for pay and copes with five-plays and six-plays.